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Valley Cats: The Adventures of Boonie and River
Written by Gretchen Preston
Illustrated by Karin Neumann

Valley Cats Children's Book Illustration Center
The entire collection of illustrations featured in Valley Cats: The Adventures of Boonie and River is available for purchase. Prints may be purchased individually, or create your own set. We offer these fun illustrations in your choice of sizes.  This beautiful collection was created by Karin Neumann.  Adults and children alike marvel at her attention to detail. Your entire family will love to be surrounded by these adorable characters.
Children's Art Prints"Broken Indian Rock"
Boonie and River hear their Valley neighbors planning a hike to Broken Indian Rock and decide to secretly tag along. The cats play on the Lake Superior shoreline and the group explores a medicine woman's cave.

Copyright 2010 Karin Neumann
"Winter Woods"
The Valley Cats take a walk in the winter woods. They discover the tracks of many of their wild animal neighbors. Along the way, they encounter a bear. Yikes!

Copyright 2010 Karin Neumann
Children's Book Illustrations by Karin Neumann
Illustrations and Prints for Children"Baby Bird Lullaby"
Boonie and River meet up with two real adventurers, Captain Rob and his dog, Dukie. Together they watch over a nest of baby birds and hear the first sounds of spring in their valley.

Copyright 2010 Karin Neumann
"Rodeo Cats"
A summer afternoon is spent playing cowboys. Boonie and River meet the challenges of their cat rodeo. Yahoo!

Copyright 2010 Karin Neumann
Childrens Art Illustrations
Art prints from the second book, More Valley Cats: Fun, Games and New Friends.
Each chapter's print can be seen below, and is available at the online store.

Michigan Mouser (More Valley Cats)

Three is a Crowd (More Valley Cats)

Boat Shop Blues (More Valley Cats)

Birthday Surprise (More Valley Cats)

Kitten Caboodle (More Valley Cats)

Pranksters (More Valley Cats)

Honey  Bee (More Valley Cats)

The Tin Cup (More Valley Cats)


Out All Night (More Valley Cats)

Questions for Winslow (More Valley Cats)


Mouse in the House (More Valley Cats)

HIgh Meadow Hike (More Valley Cats)


Road Closed (More Valley Cats)

Christmas Catastrophe (More Valley Cats)


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Browse our entire collection of the Valley Cats Children's Book Illustrations in our online store.  Enjoy viewing favorite children's book characters after storytime each night. 

About the Illustrator
Karin Neumann was raised in Traverse City, Michigan. She grew up on a small farm with two sisters and one brother. She loves the outdoors and especially enjoys hiking and biking the woods around her Michigan home. Please select the Learn More button to read on.

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